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Bulk change multiple file names with OneLiner PowerShell command

This is a one liner PowerShell script to change multiple files names in bulk. In this below given example I had multiple png images. I will take one file name Button_Icon_Black.png as an example. I wanted to just keep the name of the file with the Black.png (color name). Using below command you can…

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Modernizing Data Administration: BDRSuite v5.6.0 U1 Introductions with Exciting Enhancements!

This section discovers the exciting new updates, BDRSuite v5.6.0 Update and BDRSuite v5.6.0 Update 1, emphasizing the major enrichments and advances they bring to organizations and businesses. Whether you are qualified as an IT professional, a system administrator, or just there is an intent in info…

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PowerShell HTML based Live Ping Monitor Demo

This is small demo where I combined PowerShell + HTML to create a dashboard report for ping. Basically what it does is?  when you put some servers entries in Pinglist.txt file which you want to ping and start a PowerShell Get_PingData.ps1 script. It shows the Live Dashboard on HTML web page as per…

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PowerShell WPF XAML multibinding datacontext template example - Part 4

DevOps Part 1.2 SCM Git - Create Virtual Network (vNET) in Microsoft Azure

In my earlier part of this DevOps series DevOps Part 1.1 SCM Git - Create Resource Group in Microsoft Azure, I created first Azure resource - an empty Resource Group. In this example I am going to create vNET (Virtual Network) in this resource group.

An essential part of your private network inf…

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